Strategic Planning

strategic planningIt is quite common for executives to have their agenda “filled to the brim” Therefore, the day to day responsibilities take up all the time leaving hardly any room to sit down, plan and strategize. This is especially true when the business or sector in which the business competes is undergoing changes, economic pressures, market segmentation, to name a few.

Any of these scenarios are what usually prompts businesses to seek us out. The executives have the knowledge of the business and sector, but they do not have time to put it together into something tangible that can be used to move them along in a strategic direction.

We call our involvement “picking the neurons” of the Clients’ brains. You are the experts, what we do is help you put it together, with fresh and unbiased eyes, our expertise achieved through our own experience of many years in positions and situations like yours and what we have learned from similar circumstances with our Clients.

We work with you to create a Business Strategic plan to help keep you on course in a new or unfamiliar territory. We work with you to identify and address your priorities, goals and challenges and develop practical and measurable steps for achieving them.

Process Improvement for growth, efficiency, productivity and transformation

corporate trainingProcess improvement is not only doing things right, but the right things too. This approach creates the right operating system to compete aggressively with differentiation and accountability among the team.

It is quite common for companies to always be on the lookout for ways to improve performance, efficiencies and productivity. It is not that the executives do not see areas of opportunity for these improvements. Rather the challenges and stress of the daily routine leaves little or no time to sit down to analyze, plan and put those ideas on paper.

Another circumstance that is also present oftentimes is that we get used to the “way things work around here”. Remember, when you first joined the company with a “new set of eyes” on the procedures, policies, tasks, etc.? There were areas that you identified, but, wisely, decided to wait until you understood the process and culture better. And them the responsibilities that you have to face daily have not allowed you to do something.

This where we come in. We have gone through that life experience during many years so we have the empathy and expertise to be able to contribute towards those improvements which in today’s world are absolutely necessary. It is not just about “cutting” costs. It is about performing ever more efficiently and effectively and foster a heightened awareness and focus on process improvement. We work with you to identify and address your priorities, goals and challenges and develop practical and measurable steps for achieving them. In other words, finding new and better ways of doing things.

The most frequent reason that we get involved is to contribute and work with the teams, as part of the teams to improve profitability and shareholder value. And this is achieved by improving productivity; efficiencies by streamlining all the processes and services; optimizing costs and expenses; analyze share in current markets or expansion into new ones, with new or existing products, etc.

Innovation in New Products, Services and Technology

meeting roomOur experience in so many sectors, countries with different levels of economic and, therefore, technology uses and applications offer us a unique perspective into approaches that companies can take to create and convert ideas into new products, services and technology that are essential for growth in the current highly competitive global economy.

The high-level business objectives have to be converted into specific, understandable and practical innovation goals with clear outlines of the changes and/or increases in the company’s structure regarding the personnel´s knowledge and skills sets, in the processing capacity and technology, sales and marketing strategies, etc., in order to drive successful execution.

Innovation, today, is key not only for growth. It is essential if you want to be in a position that leads to securing and sustaining a competitive advantage in your sector. The innovation process has become more accessible and global. Establishing manufacturing, sales or distribution facilities in local markets around the world and getting customers involved in innovation efforts to better understand the challenges and opportunities that have to be faced in those markets (i.e. culture, people, processes, infrastructure and technology) are a key component of any successful and sustainable innovation effort.

Mergers & Acquisitions Integration

handshakeIt does not matter whether the merger or acquisition takes place between companies in the same sector, share common markets and technology. As a matter of fact they could be “just across the street”.

It is the “cultural” differences that make each company unique. The way people interact with each other; the verbal and non-verbal language, signs and symbols; the rewards and reprimands. In essence the way their lives are lived and felt in their daily encounters at their place of work that make it distinctive. It is the people more than any other aspect that will lead into a positive and favorable and successful outcome. The challenge then is to phase out, as quickly and seamlessly as possible, the feelings and attitudes of “them and us” into “we” are one company.

Our experience, having gone through various occasions where the company merged and acquired another, mainly a competitor gives us the understanding, knowledge and empathy to contribute to these efforts. We have, also, had to face situations where the merger had taken place some years before and the “them and us” was alive and prospering. So much so, that the companies were behaving not even as competitors but as “mortal enemies”. Therefore, the synergies and streamlining of operations, management, sales and marketing had not been materialized. Thus, the original objectives were not being achieved, resulting in purely in a financial reporting aspect.