Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions Integration

handshakeIt does not matter whether the merger or acquisition takes place between companies in the same sector, share common markets and technology. As a matter of fact they could be “just across the street”.

It is the “cultural” differences that make each company unique. The way people interact with each other; the verbal and non-verbal language, signs and symbols; the rewards and reprimands. In essence the way their lives are lived and felt in their daily encounters at their place of work that make it distinctive. It is the people more than any other aspect that will lead into a positive and favorable and successful outcome. The challenge then is to phase out, as quickly and seamlessly as possible, the feelings and attitudes of “them and us” into “we” are one company.

Our experience, having gone through various occasions where the company merged and acquired another, mainly a competitor gives us the understanding, knowledge and empathy to contribute to these efforts. We have, also, had to face situations where the merger had taken place some years before and the “them and us” was alive and prospering. So much so, that the companies were behaving not even as competitors but as “mortal enemies”. Therefore, the synergies and streamlining of operations, management, sales and marketing had not been materialized. Thus, the original objectives were not being achieved, resulting in purely in a financial reporting aspect.

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