Shot of a group of businesspeople talking together over a digital tablet in an officeCoaching is, mainly, collaborative process which enables the executive or group of executives to explore and understand himself or herself or themselves, their situation, and to problem-solve. It is about asking the right questions addressing work-related business situations in a trusting environment. It is solution-focused, centering on outcomes and how to improve performance in your business life. In this process the involvement of the immediate manager is very important. He or she provide the Coach with feedback on areas in which the executive(s) is (are) in need of coaching. We use that information to guide the coaching process.

The most frequent reasons businesses and entrepreneurs establish a relationship with us are, for example, to increase the potential of their executives by improving their skills and talents; to assist in transitions due to mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, introduction of new technologies or change in the structural organization of the company going from a Family businesses to combinations where the executives are not family members, the family is no longer the sole owner and variations thereof.

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