In the course of everyday life, especially when things are “going our way” we easily become inward looking creating “blind spots” for opportunities and challenges. Additionally, we all know that everyone in the organization has some type of agenda. We do too. However, when we get to be the top executive, the person who has the responsibility for the overall performance of the company our “agenda” and perspective change. Moreover, this change is sometimes dramatic and traumatic.

Also, requests for approval or decisions about internal issues that have more to do with making people happy, instead of issues affecting performance proliferate. People management issues come to the forefront and we do not know where to turn to get unbiased advice.

We start looking for someone who can help us with the challenges. We start looking for someone who can be a sounding board to validate an idea, a project or to review a critical process of the business. Someone we can trust in knowledge and confidentiality. Someone with who “I” can review up and down the stream the potential consequences, pilot, validate and streamline to be more effective.

A very important attribute of this person is that he/she has to have had hands-on-experience. That he/she knows what it is to fail, get back up, go on to achieve success, and is able to handle failure and achievement well. In plain and simple words, that had lived the pressures from all the stakeholders. Where the empathy comes for a life experience.

These people are not easy to find! The vast majority have a ton of experience. However, the experience was from the “other side” of the desk. They are very knowledgeable, but the “scars” on their skin and backs are quite different from ours.

What do we “bring to the table”?

Over 40 years in international hands on cross-sector experience, in a multitude of cultures and languages come in. We have been involved with companies that were undergoing a critical change in the managing of the business, which had to evolve. Others were losing market share very quickly, changing from a family structure to a listed company with a very important market share in their country and, due to its size, a significant player worldwide, because of an M&A they were competing fiercely for the same customers in the same markets, etc.

We started our own businesses. Some failed (mainly, because we did not choose our partners wisely) and others succeeded. We know what it is to live that situation and get up and try again.

We have been on the board of banks, organizations (private and NGO’s) and companies. We have given lectures and motivational talks in different countries and languages.

How we do it?

We listen carefully and patiently. We get involved and committed. We are available, and we travel the journey with you as part of your team. We are not bystanders that cheer you on from the bleachers! We want to help the people running the businesses. We want you and your company to succeed!

We look into your sector in your company and other parts of the world. We need to comprehend and assess the challenges or opportunities you are facing or want to address. What are your particular set of circumstances in, i.e. your sector, market? We need to develop empathy amongst ourselves. To be able to “see, feel” and comprehend the overt and the implicit challenges you are facing, as an individual or as a team.

You are the experts of your company. You are the ones that know it better than anyone else does. You deal with and “nurture” it on a daily basis. No matter what sector, each company is unique regardless of the use of technology, infrastructure or anything else. The people are different and that makes all the difference!

What we do is incorporate ourselves to your team. At first, see things through your eyes and then through ours so we can start sharing ideas with you. Together we develop options and alternatives for the goals and outcome that you want to achieve.

In other words, we are there for and with you be it offering:

  • advice and expertise when you need it,
  • support to new business opportunities to keep you sharp, and
  • stimulus and brainstorming when you are having difficulties seeing the road ahead or the possibilities.

What we expect from you

A commitment of time is unconditionally necessary. If you are really committed to your dreams and goals, then you will likewise be committed to invest your time to work seriously towards achieving them.

Together we build a plan that you are comfortable with and that meets your expectations and needs, both in the results to achieve and the timeline to achieve them.

Then, we have a weekly (at least every other week) one hour (maximum 2 hours) virtual meeting which can be via telephone or video conferencing. These conversations are remarkably powerful, but focusing on your goals once a week is not going to move you forward. Each week you pick interim goals and assignments to do during the upcoming week. The chosen tasks offer awareness and motivation that inspire you to action, towards your accomplishing the goals that have been set.

During the meeting, we go over the achievements since the last meeting and compare results against our original plan. Consequently, we develop a detailed action plan for the week, to monitor/guide our progress and to compare the status versus the overall plan that was prepared at the beginning. If circumstances require modifications to the original plan are made, documented and the appropriate changes are incorporated.

In addition, in between the meetings you always have access to us for issues you consider important to talk about, share and/or get feedback. This can be via email, phone, video conferencing or whichever mode you think is more appropriate.

The first step in learning more about us and how we can contribute is a conversation to get to know each other and answer your questions. It is free and there is no obligation. Please use the Contact Us form and we will call you or you can give us a call.